Stem Cure India

About Us

The field of stem cells development is progressing day by day and new techniques are invented to produce desire types of stem cells from minimum invasive source and method to meet the ultimate goal of stem cells therapy to treat some stubborn diseases. At StemCure we are very keen to keep our pace with the recent science. This made it possible to available the latest inventions of stem cell therapy to hospitals and private clinicians who think to draw on this technique when conventional therapy is not responding.

StemCure is the centre for regenerative medicine and stem cells development established by Dr. Himanshu Patel. His sincere efforts and dedication for the work make the centre as a one of the key service provider in this field. Persistent engagement of StemCure in research of stem cells developments make it possible to offer various types of stem cells for the patients suffering from the condition where no alternate established therapy is available or it require long waiting period for organ or tissue donation. StemCure with its expertise also encourages young researchers and scientist new to this field for their projects by providing them assistance and know-how. Extensive experience of StemCure in the field of stem cells development and its state of art facility earn reorganization from Government as a training centre since 2009.
At StemCure we offer all conventional as well as advance treatment for infertility at our state of art laboratory, having veteran team to perform it. Also we perform latest diagnostic analysis for unexplained male infertility. We continuously exploring new techniques in the field of Infertility treatment to avail the best options for treatment to couples so as they can enjoy parenthood of biologically own offspring

Stem cells have potency for rejuvenisation and repair of the tissue. In spite of its great potency stem cells treatment is the debated ethical issue due to origin of some types of stem cells like embryonic and fetal stem cells. StemCure decided to stay away from this issue, so it has restricted its span to Autologus adult stem cells only for clinical application. StemCure supplies adult autologus stem cells to clinicians for autologus transplantation. The clinician’s contentment regarding their patient’s condition after treatment with the stem cells transplant is the best reward for us.