Stem Cure India

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration require for stem cell therapy?
Duration of the stem cell therapy mainly depends on the condition to be cure, which type of stem cell lineage require and what number of cells require for the particular condition. Normally it will take 3 days to 1month for the stem cell development prevailing of the above mention conditions. During cells development time, it is not mandatory for the patient to be hospitalized. Stem cell therapy is consider as OPD based Therapy.

What would be the possible expense for the stem cell therapy?
Stem cell therapy needs particular type of cells and in particular number prevailing on the condition to be treated. Hence the development charges varies as per above mention factor. 

Does it require for patient to move to a particular location where stem cells are develop for the stem cell treatment?
No, stem cells can be transported from one destination to other in temper proof packaging container. The shipment is managed in such a way that it reaches to its destination well before its expiry time. At stem cure we have our established protocol for that.

What is the success ratio of the stem cell therapy?

Stem cells therapy is offer for the disease where no other alternate treatment is available or the treatment requires long duration for the availability of organ or tissue. Those conditions are normally very sever and hamper patients quality of life. So the success depends on the severity and criticality of the condition to be cure.

How do I know whether stem cell therapy will be effective for me or not?

Ideally your physician is the best person let you know about this. If you wish then you can send us your details to us at and we will consult clinicians who work with us and ask for their opinion for possibility of the stem cells therapy in your case. Also we can provide their communication details to you if you, yourself want to talk with them.

What is the advantage of autologus adult stem cells over other type of stem cells?

Autologus adult stem cells are derived from patient itself so they are no longer foreign substance for the body and no chances of rejection and chromosomal abnormality.  No chance of disease transmission from donor due to autologus source. Possibility of having uncontrolled growth of tissue is very rare in adult stem cells due to limited span for multiplication.